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Chantelle van Heerden
Chantelle van HeerdenUpdated a year ago

Use your fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint Lock Screen is a free personalization mobile app that enables you to set up a lock screen using your mobile device’s fingerprint scanner. This handy tool offers some cool themes for your app menu and allows you to be the only one who can unlock your phone or tablet. 

However, while its premise is interesting, this kind of feature is usually already readily available on all biometrics-enabled devices. Additionally, it will ask for permissions such as your contacts and the ability to turn on your GPS location tracking. The app itself also looks quite uninspiring. 

Is there any app for fingerprint lock?

Fingerprint Lock Screen is a third-party mobile app that features your fingerprint scanner prominently. Using it, you can set up a lock screen that only accepts your fingerprint so no one else can open your device without your permission. Take note that this process requires you to first set up your biometrics using your device’s settings. Once you’ve saved your fingerprint, your biometrics can now be enabled and used by the lock screen feature—and by extension, this app.

When you first launch this app, it will ask for your permission on accessing your contacts and your GPS location. Every time you open it up, your GPS location is constantly asked to be turned on. You can actually bypass this, as well as the app’s warning on your lost internet connection. It’s unclear why these two features even tell you to enable them when you can operate the app without them just fine. Regardless, you’ll be asked for details about your device.

The app will ask about your internet connection type, device brand, device color, and if it has a fingerprint scanner. Only the color will be asked again every time you open the app. The main menu is pretty bland as it only features a customizable theme and five buttons with outdated-looking icons. How To Use displays your settings and instructions on how to set up scan cycles for the app. Lock Screen contains the lock screen option setting, which is a measly checkbox for enabling it.

Which app is best for fingerprint lock?

Aside from the Quit button, the rest of the buttons in Fingerprint Lock Screen aren’t even too useful. Themes simply offers 8 abstract-looking themes for the main menu, as the More Themes option displays an empty Google Play Store page. The same thing happens when you press the Top Apps button—essentially rendering it useless. The app’s performance itself leaves much to be desired. It constantly displays ads and pesters you to either give it a rating or exit the app. 

Additionally, the fingerprint scanning itself doesn’t seem to work well when you try it. It can take a lot of tries—especially if your scanner is on the back of your device and you happen to be using a thick casing. For some reason, setting themes on the app will also ask for your fingerprint. Lastly, the app doesn’t actually override your default lock screen settings. Thus, if you’re using another screen lock type, your device can still be accessed that way. It’s better to use something like AppLock.

Needs a lot of reworking

All in all, Fingerprint Lock Screen is pretty straightforward but it can be pretty disappointing to use—especially when you can just access this feature on your mobile device without having to resort to third-party apps. It does use your biometrics decently enough and even offers some cool themes, but those are only limited to the app’s menu and the fingerprint scanning doesn’t always work. Plus, half of the features are useless.


  • Can use your biometrics to ask for access
  • Can customize the app menu


  • Requires devices with a fingerprint scanner
  • Most fingerprint-enabled devices already have this feature by default
  • Themes are only for the app menu
  • Doesn’t actually override your default lock screen settings

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Fingerprint Lock screen APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V fingerprint-lockscreen6
  • 4
  • (844)
  • APK Status

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